Application Notes

Applications and Installation of Products

Many times over techs have been in situations where a product should never have been used or simply feels as though the product is not up to the job.  Often or not the supplier is blamed for the error.  It is a good tech who calls the supplier prior or during install especially first time around to ensure that he/she is not falling in to any traps with the product in the situation that they are in.

We can assist in solving these issues over the telephone in most instances so just call us on Ph 09 5333101 as and when required.  We also have support material that is either here on line or available on pdf via email.  So if it is not here calls or leave an email.

Intergration and Systems

If you want assistnace with Integration and / or system then your best choice is to give us a call so as we can advise the best options for what you are trying to achieve.