Application Notes

Intercom Installation Tips:

  • Where possible we recommend the use of a weather shield for outside installations as it helps to prevent water running in or down the back of the unit from ingress from the top.  Weather shields can be of you own design or we can supply some options or get constructed for you.
  • Use a weather shield to protect from adverse weather conditions Including continuous direct sunlight.  When mounting weather shield on wall use clear silicon gel glue on back of unit before placing against wall.  Place a fine bead of it around each hole.  Mount on wall then screw down in to position.

  • If you are manufacturing them yourself we advise that they have a full back plate and are mounted behind the current mounting plate.  Then they come up and over the top with a further lip come back down again over the front this directs any water away from the unit.  We also recommend sides.  However do not enclose the unit fully as feedback could occur particularly if there is a bottom to the unit forming a box.

  • Seal cable entry points in behind this helps to stop the ingress of condensation, insects particularly ants that look for warm locations in which to accommodate themselves.  Spiders, ants and other insects can damage the PCB by numerous means one of which is their excretions hence it is best to do whatever possible to avoid this type of damage to the board.  Some installers place poisons in the pillar etc. prior to install as these can be long lasting ie. some pastes last a year or more.  They then seal any holes between the unit and the pillar.

  • This situation applies to virtually any electronic device mounted outdoors even if the housing appears waterproof it is only as good as the point of entry or speaker/microphone entry points.

The above is only guidelines to assist the installer to help prevent onsite issues with product installs.


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