We Distribute

TecSmarts Ltd is 100% New Zealand owned and offers a broad range of technology products to integrators and installers.  Products include but not limited to:-

SIP Doorphones / Intercoms IP Public Address Systems (PA)
Many IoT End Point Devices Telephone Loud Ringers
Telephone Ringer with Indication Carrier Grade Long Range WAP units
Strobes, Beacons and Sounders Communications Test Equipment
IP Relays and SCADA Analogue Industrial Telephones
VoIP SIP Industrial Telephones Access Control Products
Android Hardwired Touch Screens PoE Touch Screens
Music Streaming Systems Emergency Announcement Systems
Alerting Systems Rail Pedestrian Control Systems
Passenger Train Departure Systems Truck / Vehicle Entry Systems

Manufacturers Ratings Claims - what are they?

  • IP Ratings Water Resistant Ratings LINK
  • IK Vandal Resistant ratings LINK

Caution: When installing any product in areas outside of its ratings.

  • ESD and Electrical Charges - There are no format ESD or Power Surge ratings 
  • Corrosive liquids or substances - There are no formal rating for corrosive liquids or substances
  • This includes the likes of saltwater and petroleum products. 

We are unable to offer a warranty of any products installed outside of the above guidelines.