JRTech - Industrial Telephones

An extensive range of industrial telephones are available with various media technologies. We can offer in virtually and style as products are Bespoke to your needs.  In most cases we can get products manufactured to your end users requirements.  

Media TypesConstruction Type
  • VoIP
    • PoE or 12Vdc
  • 4G Cellular
    • 12Vdc
  • Analogue
    • Full Duplex - Requires 12Vdc
    • Half Duplex - Line powered
  • Handset type - armoured cord -
    • Yellow enclosure with our without door
    • Stainless Steel
    • CRS - Cold Rolled Steel
  • Handsfree type
    • Yellow enclosure
    • Stainless Steel
    • CRS - Cold Rolled Steel
  • Colour optional depending upon quantity
  • Your Logo optional depending upon quantity

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