AV-R29C-L 4G LTE Intercom

DIV & MAIN Antennas

"DIV" - Diversity or "AUX" Antenna
This technology is a method for error correction.  Particularly for use in poor mobile signal strength areas.

The AV-R29C-L either uses it's internal Antenna with no external antenna connected.  However, in some instances the location prevents a cellular connection due to range to celltower or surrounds.  In this case external antennas can be added.

Can the AV-R29C-L exploit "DIV" Diversity?

The AV-R29C-L PCB at the rear has two SMA Connectors.  One marked "MAIN" the other marked "DIV".  These two connectors allow for connection of an extenal antenna if required.  In bad reception areas you may find that a simple 4G LTE cellular antenna connected to "Main" is all that is necessary.  In situations where the signal is very poor it may also be necessry to use the "DIV" anteanna as well.

"Main" Antenna - receives and sends data

"DIV" or "AUX" only receives data and is used for data correction.

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