IP Intercoms - FAQ


Do I need a gateway in a peer to peer situation?

In a peer to peer scenario with third party devices the IP Intercom system needs a common connection point so as they are able to clearly find each other via the common gateway or router. It is not essential to have the gateway connected to the internet.  This is typical in IP phone based systems.

Do I need a license?

Akuvox requires no Licenses in the Intercom or Touch Screen to work.  Everything is inclusive.

ONVIF-S Video to an NVR?

Intercom cameras are all ONVIF compiant to work with your ONVIF compliant NVR or Software

http Control Commannds

Akuvox have many areas, both inbound and outbound where http commands can be used.

What about Ceritification to the Network for network device protection?

Yes, certification is available on Akuvox Intercom units.
Do you need and intercom SIP License?

No Akuvox Intercoms are already SIP Audio and Video Stream compliant with the appropriate CODECS.  However, if running through a SIP Server the SIP Server may need a SIP License per extension used.
Using WiFi connection on touch screens etc.

We do not reccommend using WiFi with IP Communication devices as Quality of Service is required (QoS).  Due to the nature of WiFi packet losses are more frequent than in hardwired networks.  These packet losses are corrected when using a PC, Laptop etc. by error correction. With Voice and Video error correction is not possible.

Packet losses are quite common in IP telecommunications due to the nature of transmissions: for example, a wireless network can be subject to radio frequency interference or overlapping of RF bands between naighbouring routers. Other causes of packet drops are periods of congestion occurring in routers such as when high bandwidth usage such as when someone is downloading media etc. from the internet.
It is common and usually acceptable in the real world to observe around a 1‒2 % loss rate for many kinds of internet connectivity (xDSL, LTE, 5G, Wifi ...).

Losses can be heard in the for of garbled speech or pixelation / loss of video signal such as can be seen on TVs on odd occasions.  Occassionally video frames may freeze causing video delay/jitter.

What about long Network Runs Underground

Long underground network runs can be subject to electrical noise and spikes from ground potentials.  If at all concerned or if you have had PoE damage repeats then we would suggest the use of Ubiquiti or similar Ethernet Suppressors with one being at each end of the cable run.  The suppressors have earth terminals on them and these devices offer additional protection to any device residing at the distant end of the network run.

2Wire xDSL (Ethernet)

When using with Network Cable we suggest using two pair.  All other pairs should be earthed at one end only decreasing the possibility of electrical noise by acting as a sheild.  Floating pairs or wires attract electrical noise and voltage differentials from end to end.

2Wire power supply

On Akuvox 2Wire system 48Vdc we would advise the use of the 48Vdc option over 24Vdc as better distances and more devices can be added.

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